Eric Craymer and Sue Radwan are among the world's most experienced Policy Governance® consultants. We focus on translating the theory into practice, working internationally with boards and CEOs to master the practice of the model. We facilitate exploration of governance models, educate boards in the theory, and facilitate boards to get to the point of implementation. Then we help you with the real fun of doing it, coaching boards and CEOs to master the practice.

We also do specialty work. Some of the areas of focus include:

  1. With CEOs and senior management teams, we facilitate a visioning process during which you develop interpretations of policy and the accompanying strategic plan to realize the vision.
  2. We help CEOs develop coherent and comprehensive monitoring reports and help Boards better assess and act on them.
  3. With boards, we assist in developing a practical and useful process in fulfilling on ownership linkage.

We also support the practice of Policy Governance by developing and/or supporting community networks. Over the years, we have formed and facilitated users groups, and organized a consultant Community of Practice. We continually develop unique contributions for Policy Governance practitioners.

If you want more than theory of the Policy Governance model, then we are the consulting firm for you. Partners in Policy Governance translates the theory of the model into practice.