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Some clients we have worked with in Policy Governance implementation

Eric Craymer and Sue Radwan are among the world's most experienced Policy Governance® consultants. We focus on translating the theory into practice, working internationally with boards and CEOs to master the practice of the model. We facilitate exploration of governance models, educate boards in the theory, and facilitate boards to get to the point of implementation. Then we help you with the real fun of doing it, coaching boards and CEOs to master the practice.

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Susan Radwan MEd, CAE

Susan Radwan, ConsultantSusan has a rich history of experience in insurance, education, and non-profit associations. She has experience as a Chief Governing Officer and a CEO in a Policy Governance organization.

Eric Craymer MBA, CMA

Eric Craymer, ConsultantEric has been a business owner, manager, researcher and consultant, and brings a wide variety of Policy Governance client experiences to engagements.

"Sue Radwan brings a deep knowledge of the underlying principles of Policy Governance, not just its structure. Her emphasis on values and her ability to hold her ground gracefully when faced with the inevitable skepticism around new behaviors earned my deep respect."
Linda Laskowski

“Carver Governance is an effective management model for organizations, but it is not intuitive. In fact, at first blush it is confusing and frustrating. Eric Craymer has a unique ability to navigate an organization through that confusion in a productive way, achieving needed results."
Scott Campbell, past Chair, Industrial Fabrics Association International