Understanding more about governance and board work

In preparation for a new hire, the board should review the mission and strategic plan.

The boards job is to see that the organization manages the organization's resources effectively. It also has a role to protect accumulated assets.

Supporting the CEO means backing up the CEO in public and addressing any concerns privately with tact and diplomacy.

The board is not responsible for creating new programs or services, but to assure that what the organization offers is directly in alignment with the organization’s mission.

The board’s fiduciary duty incorporates the function of defining direction, assuring that there are long range goals toward sustainable and relevant service to those served.

The board members serve as ambassadors as well as trustees. As such, the board should be the link between the “members as owners” and the operational organization.

There is considerable debate about who should create the strategic organizational plan. It doesn’t matter who does it as much as it matters that it is done. It is the board’s job to assure that effective planning is done.

Under the Duty of Obedience, the board is ultimately accountable for legal compliance in the organization,