The International Policy Governance® Association, (IPGA)
This 501(c)(3) non-profit association, formed in the U.S., is the connecting place for people who believe in the power of the Policy Governance® model. The organization's website is evolving to contain practical tools to help Boards, its publications offer practical stories of real-world boards, and the annual conference creates opportunities to network with people from around the world who are practicing the Policy Governance model. The conference always offers a pre-conference introductory session to the model and its workshops offer knowledge about specific elements of practice as well as deeper theoretical understanding and real world stories.


Partners in Policy Governance®
Eric Craymer and Sue Radwan are among the world's ten most experienced Policy Governance consultants. We focus on translating the theory into practice, working internationally with boards and CEOs to master the practice of the model. We facilitate exploration of governance models, educate boards in the theory, and facilitate boards to get to the point of implementation. Then we help you with the real fun of doing it, coaching boards and CEOs to master the practice.

We have done specialty work with CEOs to develop interpretations of policy and develop coherent and comprehensive monitoring report, and with boards in ownership linkage. We have formed and facilitated users groups, organized a consultant Community of Practice, and continually develop unique contributions to the community of Policy Governance practitioners. Currently, we both serve on the IPGA Board of Directors and are making significant contributions to the whole community.

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If you decide you are not interested in Policy Governance® but you are interested in improving your board's effectiveness, contact:

Growth Management Consulting specializes in helping organizations, departments and teams deal with the strategic issues of growth and change. Operated by Eric Craymer MBA, CMA, Growth Management Consulting has been helping clients in the education, healthcare, association and business sectors successfully define and achieve their goals since 1997.
Website: Growth Management Consulting

Leading Edge Mentoring (LEM) is a consulting firm dedicated to managing and monitoring accountability in leadership, governance and management. Leading Edge Mentoring is operated by Susan S. Radwan CAE, ARM, MEd. Radwan has been affiliated with the insurance industry since 1977 and the non-profit association industry since 1986.
Website: Leading Edge Mentoring

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Board Leadership, Wiley Periodicals, Inc.
A great resource for Boards and consultants to gain a deeper understanding of the model. Short articles explore areas of confusion for boards as well as higher level thinking around the Policy Governance theory. Available in bulk so that each member of the board can have their own copy.


The Policy Governance® Model: An Introduction by John and Miriam Carver
This resource is divided into five 15-20 minute segments so that your whole board can view the segment then discuss the ideas presented and the implications for your own organization. This DVD is available through The content is manageable and accessible. Beware, however, that this is not an action movie! It is John and Miriam Carver explaining elements of the model in a moderated talk show format. The great benefit with this DVD is that it can deliver a model-consistent message and learning year after year when you have new board members joining you.

Knowledge Assessment Tool

PG 360o hosted at
This tool is a great way for board and staff members to test their understanding of the model. Currently available in downloadable form, this quiz offers practitioners a resource to gauge how much of the model basics they really understand. It is also a great tool for board members who have some exposure to Policy Governance prior to serving on your board where they can assess whether the understanding they gained in that on-the-job experience was a model-consistent understanding.

Glossary of Terms

There are many terms in Policy Governance® that have unique meaning, such as Ends, CGO, and Direct Inspection. A glossary of terms is located on the IPGA website at