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What clients say about our work

"Sue Radwan brings a deep knowledge of the underlying principles of Policy Governance, not just its structure. Her emphasis on values and her ability to hold her ground gracefully when faced with the inevitable skepticism around new behaviors earned my deep respect."
Linda Laskowski

“Carver Governance is an effective management model for organizations, but it is not intuitive.  In fact, at first blush it is confusing and frustrating.  Eric Craymer has a unique ability to navigate an organization through that confusion in a productive way, achieving needed results."
Scott Campbell, past Chair, Industrial Fabrics Association International

"I have found Sue's depth of knowledge, her persistence, her patience and, perhaps most of all, her commitment to PG principles, to have been invaluable in this challenging cultural change."
John Blevins

"When Eric worked with the Lake Trust Credit Union Board, his skills as a facilitator allowed him to maximize understanding in a minimum amount of time.  This was not only more efficient, but less frustrating for the participants. "
Steve Winninger, Co-CEO, Lake Trust Credit Union (rtd.)

"Sue has an ability to make Policy Governance understandable and fun. I have had training with Sue three times and get a bit deeper every time. The training is probably most useful when done with the team/board that you will be working with but should be of great benefit regardless".
Judy Lehman

"Eric has worked with MCLS since we adopted Policy Governance in 2002, and I've been constantly impressed with his knowledge of Policy Governance and ability to help us implement it in a very positive way."
Randy Dykhuis, Executive Director, Midwest Collaborative for Library Services

 "Sue Radwan is warm, engaging, witty ... and really knows her stuff. If you want to 'get' policy governance, she is the one to ask!"
Kenn Hurto