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Articles published

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  • September 2009, Credit Union Management, Beyond Legal Duty, Credit Union Management, Credit Union Executive Society (Craymer)
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  • May/June 2009, MNA Link, Strategic Planning in Challenging Times, Volume 10, No. 3 (Craymer)
  • April 2008 Strong CEO, Strong Chair, or both?, CUES Skybox Blog, April 2, 2008, Credit Union Executive Society (Craymer)
  • Jan 2008 Associations Now Ensuring Accountability in the Board-CEO Relationship, by Sue Stratton (Radwan)
  •  2007 Succession Planning from CEO to Board Chair, Chapter 6, Policy Governance®: A Powerful Response to Challenges that Transform Board Work and Succession Planning, co-authors Eric Craymer and Sue Stratton (Radwan), published by Credit Union Executive Services (CUES).
  • Jan 2007 Associations Now Getting the Relationship Right (reprinted in 2008), by Sue Stratton (Radwan)
  • Jan 2006 Associations Now Do’s and Don’ts of Board Staff Relationships, by Sue Stratton (Radwan)
  • Sept/Oct 2005, The Corporate Board Board Orientation and Board Culture, by Sue Stratton (Radwan)
  • March, 2003, MNALink, Maximizing Board Effectiveness, Michigan Non Profit Assocation (Craymer)
  • June 1996, Omura, G.S. and E.R.Craymer, A Portfolio Approach To Modeling Firm Growth Patterns, presented at the 41st International Small Business Conference World Conference, Stockholm, Sweden  (Craymer)
  • August 1995, Omura, G.S. and E.R.Craymer, The Liability of Growth; A Second Critical Period of Liability, presented at the American Marketing Association’s Marketing and Entrepreneurship Conference, New York (Craymer)