Understanding more about governance and board work

The board is responsible for its own development, job design, discipline and performance.

In 1989 a study counted more than 4,000,000 boards at work representing owners in the US alone1. It is likely that board led organizations can have a large influence on things that matter to us.

This article highlights the keys to the effectiveness of the Policy Governance Model.

A board’s fiduciary duty are those things required of it as an agent of the owners. There are three duties required by most US state law. Your home country may have a slightly different take.

The benefits and challenges of the Policy Governance model.

When looking for a governance framework we have found that it is often useful to begin by asking yourself what you seek in governance system. What do you see as desirable characteristics or attributes?

Policy Governance is a particular framework for defining the authority, control and accountability of an organization

There are a number of different frameworks for governance. One way to compare them is to consider functions and structures including: